I love using Fabric on my Layout too... here is a simple technique on how to make a scrap piece of fabric... into a beautiful flower:

1. Gather your materials: Scrap fabric, sewing needle, thread, scissors, fabric glue (optional!)

2. Cut your piece of fabric that you are going to use. You need a long, skinny piece of fabric… approximately 2.5” wide & 24 “ long.

3. Tie a knot in your thread and sew a running stitch along one side of the fabric. Continue this the entire length of the fabric.

4. When at the end, gather the material so it looks “pleated” and you have the desired effect.

5. Turn the flower over to stitch it closed. I also use a bit of fabric glue too, because I am not the best sewer!

6. You can now shape the flower however you want. To reduce the size of the flower, just cut the outer edge, until you achieve the size you want. You can also use pinking shears for a different effect around the edges too.

7. Add to your LO and layer the centre of the flower with chipboard, buttons, other flowers, beads, stickers, pins, etc…

8. Here is the LO I made:

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Oh Jodi this is great ~ I will definitely be trying this out. I have lotsa fabric leftover from my nightlight business that would look great for this! Thanks for sharing!
Awesome Jodi - I LOVE this & your layout - can't wait to try it - also - a BIG THANKS for jumping in this week to cover my turn for the tutorial - it was so sweet of you & you did a FANTASTIC job!!
wonderful job, great tutorial.
so cute!
great tutorial
very cool!! i am so going to make some of these...now to find some girls to scrap....[i am the mom of 2 boys]
This is beautiful!!! TFS
Yep - I am so trying this one - I love fabric on a layout and this another way to bring it in!
Love this Jodi. I do that with ribbon but I never thought of using fabric.
What a neat idea, TFS looking forward to trying this out! :) Love your layout too. :)
Love it!! Your flower turned out so well and looks awesome on your LO!!!
Really neat embellishment to add to our pages. I never would have thought of it. And its great that you can trim it to any size you want. I would think you could start with a narrower piece of fabric too to get the smaller flower without trimming it. Are the outer edges of the flower finished in somewhat , I would worry about the fabric raveling. But again I guess the pinking shears would remedy that. DUH ! Great job and the tutorial was easy to understand.


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