I just love pinwheels on a layout...they just make me smile! I tried to make the directions as simple as I could because they first tutorial I found, was really tough to follow. So here it goes.

Step 1: Gather supplies...double-sided patterned paper, paper trimmer, pencil, scissors, and a brad.

Step 2: Cut your patterned paper in a perfect square. For this tutorial, I cut the square to 5 inches.

Step 3: Draw a big "X" across the square. With the cross in the center of the paper and the ends of the "X" to the corners.

Step 4: From each corner of your square, cut towards the center of the square. DO NOT cut to the center of the square. Stop cutting at about 1/2 an inch before you get to the center.

Step 5: Now...if you look at the square, you should have 4 triangles. Punch a whole in the left hand corner of each triangle and the center.

Step 6: Fold over each of the punched corners to the center securing with a brad.

There ya have it!

Here is how I used 2 pinwheels on my layout.

I can't wait to see some of your layouts using pinwheels!

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Finally some instructions I can understand-THANK YOU!! Now I can finally give it a try!
Fabulous tutorial Frances - definitely have to try these & great layout!!
I hear ya Tami! Finally some instructions. I have been wanting to make those cutie pinwheels!!
Great tutorial! Love those pinwheels and your page Rocks!
Great job! Love the simplicity of this tutorial. Your samples are all fabulous!
Awesome!! Thanks for breaking this down, Frances!!
what a GREAT idea! And so cute on your page. Thanks for sharing this great idea!
I've always wanted to do it, i might give it a chance now!
Thanks :-)
Gorgeous Pinwheels Frances. I will have to give these a try. Thanks for sharing :)
love this! thanks for the instructions!
These are so cool! TFS! I asked about these a lil while back and got the directions but never did get to doing any! I just might try it this weekend at my crops i am going to.
wow so pretty - and what a great easy tutorial...


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